Third Pole Therapeutics

In 1998, three American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their identification of Nitric Oxide (NO), dubbed “the miracle molecule” for its impact on cardiovascular health, and since its introduction to market in 1999, over one million people, including hundreds of thousands of infants, have been treated with this life-saving gas.

Today, Third Pole, Inc. is revolutionizing the way this gas, and cardiopulmonary therapeutics more broadly, are being delivered, starting with their first generation product: a simple, lightweight and economical device capable of generating nitric oxide from air and electricity, eliminating the need for the large, bulky and expensive compressed cylinders currently utilized in hospitals today.

Third Pole’s groundbreaking therapies are leading the charge in bringing inhaled NO out of acute care and into the broader world. The flexibility of their inhaled NO technology possesses the potential to transform the lives of patients beyond traditional hospital settings, from those suffering from daily chronic cardiopulmonary challenges, who require convenient, flexible solutions, to those in the developing world in dire need of an easy, economical means of accessing this life-saving gas.