By the early 1990s, much of the VC world was straying from traditional VC practices. We founded Saturn Partners in 1993 to return to practices that made earlier VC firms successful. While others are mired in overanalysis and financial engineering, we’re working side by side with innovators to build groundbreaking companies.

To us, that means pursuing earlier-stage deals with greater risk. Making right-sized investments that are more appropriate for less mature companies. Not being overly formulaic in how we evaluate opportunities. And it’s worked: Since our inception in 1993, Saturn has produced top venture returns.

Our investors include leading institutions, charitable foundations, family offices and high-net-worth individuals. We create and grow net worth for investors by identifying, developing and investing in innovative early-stage companies and special opportunities.

Saturn has consistently targeted companies offering technologies with game-changing potential, leading to success stories such as:

  • Twin Rivers Technologies, North America’s fastest-growing oleochemical supplier
  • FreeMarkets, a pioneer in business-to-business online auctions for buyers of industrial parts, raw materials, commodities and services
  • BodyMedia, the company who started the wearable technology revolution.
  • Constant Contact, the global leader in email marketing

Our approach and focus have remained consistent over the years. Today, we continue to help build great companies like American Made, Axioma, Knopp Biosciences and Think Through Learning.

Please see the Portfolio page for more information on our companies.

More Than the Numbers

Although we’re measured by our investment returns, many of the businesses in which we invest are change agents that are having a positive impact on society. Whether it is improving childhood education, restoring the environment or treating debilitating medical disorders, we are proud to help these companies make a difference.

The Inspiration Behind Our Name

In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of agricultural bounty whose reign was marked by peace and prosperity.