Ivor Wolk Shares Details About His New Role As YieldStreet’s First General Counsel

Earlier this month, YieldStreet, an online marketplace for a diverse array of asset-backed investments, announced it has appointed Ivor Wolk as its first-ever general counsel. Now, Wolk is sharing details about his new role with the company.

According to YieldStreet, Wolk most recently was partner with Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner in New York. He has held positions both in-house and with law firms previous to his recent appointment. He told Corporate Counsel he decided to move back in-house because he felt passionate about the New York-based company. Wolk reportedly stated he thinks YieldStreet’s alternative investment platform is “changing the way wealth is created.” He also noted:

“I am very interested in technology, and I believe that the future of wealth management lies in this area of fintech. I’ve lived and breathed all of these areas in various forms, so this was a perfect fit for me.”


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