Lincoln Jore: Building better gas-less, cordless tools

POLSON – Take a look at the technology Core Outdoor Power uses to build gas-less equipment for lawn care and you might assume Lincoln Jore, who helped develop it, had a degree in engineering.

“No, I’m a college dropout,” Jore, a Ronan native, says. “There’s something to be said for growing up in an area like this, without many services. You’ve got to be able to fix your own truck, figure out things on your own. I’m a big believer in duct tape – you can fix anything with duct tape. That, and baling wire, will take you anywhere.”

So, evidently, will circuit boards and permanent magnets.

About a dozen years ago Jore and others began fiddling around with VCR motor technology and trying to design gas-less, cordless power equipment that could compete with traditional grass and weed trimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers.

Their first circuit board, he says, “would get hot, but it wouldn’t spin anything. We’d wired it backwards. It took a year and a half to get one to work.”

From such humble beginnings has sprung a 20,000-square-foot production facility along Kerr Dam Road in Polson, where Core Outdoor Power manufactures grass and weed trimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers Jore says can beat the power, torque and efficiency of gas models.

Production began in 2012. Core Outdoor Power, a division of Core Motion, sold 55,000 units last year, and it’s just getting started. “Read more”



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