Chirpify Adds Analytics to Social Commerce, Acquires Measureful

The social commerce space is heating up. We recently learned about social commerce site Soldsie. The site lets customers buy from your Facebook or Instagram site just by commenting.

Now, Chirpify, a social commerce site that’s been around for about four years, is adding analytics to its social media selling tools with the acquisition of social analytics startup,  Measureful.

Chirpify allows businesses, marketers and customers to sign up for its services and buy and sell items through their social streams on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using what Chirpify calls “action tags,” hashtags specially established to encourage a  particular action, the service allows customers to buy, enter a contest, donate and vote by commenting.

For example, users can search Instagram or another platform for an action tag like #instasale. Then by commenting “buy” an instant transaction takes place via PayPal.

Measureful collects a variety of data including information on visitor actions, mobile visitors, social channels, eCommerce and more.

The platform provides a dashboard with a drag and drop menu that allows you to build analytics reports from that data in any way you wish to view or present it.

The platform is designed to be used not only for businesses wishing to collect their own data from customer interaction online, it is also designed to be an easy way for marketers and agencies to provide information on the effectiveness of a campaign to clients. “Read more”


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